Education for All; Get United Nations Entrepreneurship Certificate For Free

Education for All; Get United Nations Entrepreneurship Certificate For Free

For the first time ever, Babangida Ruma is sharing his unique Common Sense approach through an industry- United Nations accredited, life and success mentorship training program. This program trains and empowers and connect people to change their world in the same methodology, tools, and techniques Babangida Ruma uses to impact and facilitate transformation in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Join us today. You can become trained, certified and United Nations accredited and build a career helping others discover and realize theirs. With the #GoBackToSchool initiative, you can get a United Nations Industrial Development Organisation UNIDO Entrepreneurship certificate this will help you to obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools equipment and other resources needed to do your jobs completely or to do a greater capacity, Larger scale, Larger audience, Larger impacts. 

#Gobacktoschool Initiative

GoBackToSchool is a broad-based coalition of National and Community based organization, Tech Companies, NGOs, Startups and Entrepreneurship Hubs devoted to providing quality education for All. The Mission of #GoBackToSchool initiative is to promote and expand access to education, improve the quality of learning and to promote United Nations SDGs (Quality Education).

The requirement for certification.

  1. Register at
  2. Finish at least five free online courses (elementary and accessible to all)
  3. Submit your documents to
  4. One on one interview with Babangida Ruma
  5. Get your certificate.

Candidates who demonstrate zeal and potential will get sponsorship for their desired businesses.